Ultraclear – The Highest Quality Acne Face Treatment Available

March 21, 2015 - Comment

HIGHEST QUALITY ACNE FACE TREATMENT AVAILABLE! A British invention that has produced excellent results in England and Europe; and now available in the USA . The EXTREME version has the same ingredients as the regular Ultraclear, but the concentration is higher, resulting in a more potent product. Use only if the acne/problem is acute. Otherwise,

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HIGHEST QUALITY ACNE FACE TREATMENT AVAILABLE! A British invention that has produced excellent results in England and Europe; and now available in the USA . The EXTREME version has the same ingredients as the regular Ultraclear, but the concentration is higher, resulting in a more potent product. Use only if the acne/problem is acute. Otherwise, use the regular Ultraclear.

‘Your product is the most amazing “Spot” product ever to grace this earth!! How come you are not selling in major retail outlets? In that pot is not only a cream but freedom and self-worth and positive peace of mind!! this stuff could change peoples lives and perspectives on life. I can not say enough or express enough how amazing I feel your product is. Thank you. Please feel free to use my comments. Self confidence is everything in everyones lives. Your cream is damn amazing!! Thanks again.’ Yus from Waltham Abbey, Essex . “This was a fantastic find on Amazon. I was skeptical at first, but I’m glad I did it. I have hormone-related spotty skin – or had, rather, until I started using this product. It does have a faintly chemical smell, but all those glorious perfumes are bad for your skin anyway. I use it sparingly, at least once daily (mornings), on problem areas (cheeks, chin, forehead) and allow it a few minutes to dry completely before putting my normal moisturizer over my whole face. My skin now feels incredibly smooth and has a nice glow, I don’t get oil-plugged pores and can’t remember the last time I got a big scary spot. I’m so happy with this buy. I waited to review after I’d been using it for a few months, to give it time to work. I bought it along with Christmas gifts at the end of November, use it almost consistently every day (give or take just one or two missed) and have only gotten half way through what I originally thought was a stupidly small pot. It is small, but potent “. – ‘Noodles’

Product Features

  • Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing your acne staring back at you? How would you feel if you could say goodbye to your spots? Would you like to wake up one day and see your spots going or even gone?! What if there was a way to significantly reduce your spots within one week?
  • This top selling EXTREME acne treatment cream from England (United Kingdom) was previously only availble there. Now for the first time it’s available in the USA! With a proven track record of sucess this cream will help you to get rid of your spots fast. Some of you will notice a visible improvement after just one application! Seven days is the normal time it takes to notice a big improvement. It will rid you of blackheads, whiteheads, and acne. Your skin will look better, will make you feel better, and will feel clear and look healthy. With our 99% sucess rate if you’re in the unlukcy 1% who it doesn’t work for we’ll give you a FULL REFUND – No Questions Asked. It’s only fair! Take a look at these awesome customer reviews:
  • Having recently tried this product, I can honestly say it is very effective at improving the overall condition of the skin. I tried the extreme edition having already tried the ordinary ultraclear acne cream which was itself proving quite effective. This one has reduced the redness of my skin and stops the frequency of spots. It has almost cleared my skin completely and the overall effect is very impressive. My skin looks a lot healthier and the spots I do have are much reduced and not so inflamed. It works as a moisturiser. I wash my face with a face wash such as superdrug tea tree wash, and then apply the ultraclear extreme cream. It is a little harder to absorb than the non-extreme version, and the smell is quite strong (a sulphur smell really), but you get used to it quite quickly. I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and will continue to use it because it is working for me, although I may go back to the non extreme cream if my skin continues to improve. All in all, I would really recommend this product. It is certainly worth a try. I would suggest you try this for a week to two weeks and see if you get an improvement. If you can, refrain from using any other treatments other than a face wash while you trial this product, as I think if you use benzoyl peroxide or freederm as well, your skin would get very dry, which will ultimately lead to your skin producing more grease that spots thrive on. – Mr H Waring
  • I have suffered with acne for 29 years, and literally spent thousands of pounds on different treatments, including antibiotic courses from doctors, private consultations with dermatologists, courses of extremely strong medications that left my skin sore and oozing, light and laser treatments, to name just a few. I heard about this product from a freind, read the reviews, ordered it and frankly didn’t expect much. It arrived very promptly 2 days after ordering and i have been using the product for four days. OMG…..the improvement in my skin condition is unbelievable (i have an extensive condition affecting my neck, face, shoulders, upper arms and back) No new pimples or blackheads have appeared and old lesions and scars are improving. I know its early days but so far so good. Also the product is very comforting to senitive areas of my skin, following application my skin feels warm and slightly tingles, but does not feel uncomfortable, tight or dry, the natural aroma of the product is fresh and clean. Will be ordering another 2 jars in the next couple of weeks so i don’t run out. Thank you for an amazing product. – Missfixit2
  • I have been using the Ultraclear products for over a year now. I started off with the normal one and then started using the extreme version. I had suffered with my skin for years. It was sore, red, big spots and loads of blackheads. Since using this cream my skin has become clear, bright and healthy and only the occasional spot which is much reduced in size and redness. Very happy. – Anna


Mandy Payne "Is it just me?" says:

Now PARABEN FREE! And it works! UPDATE: 4/26/14 I had to update my old 2 star review. I was recently informed that this product has changed their formula to no longer include Parabens. This is excellent news because my son was really pleased with how effective this was at clearing up his skin. This is the new ingredient list. They haven’t updated the ingredients on Amazon yet, so I am including them here. The Ethyl hexyl glycerine is the new preservative that is FAR less dangerous than the cancer causing Parabens they were previously using: 

oldindiancoins "Girish" says:

Best acne removal cream! I was fed up of looking at the acne on my face and was finding ways to get back my clear and shinning skin. So, when a friend suggested me to try Ultraclear Extreme, I readily agreed. Believe it or not, after applying the cream for a couple of days, I could notice a big difference in my skin. And, now after using it for a month, my skin is clean and clear. I just cannot stop thanking my friend for this and would recommend this amazing cream to all my pals who are suffering from acne.

F. J. Hall says:

Finally saw results! Right before I started using UltraClear’s acne cream another skin treatment product had made me break out. My break outs always last for a long time and don’t go away for about a month, but only after a few days I saw great results with Ultraclear Extreme! I’ve often tried other acne treatments after I got break outs, but they either make it worse or didn’t do anything. With Extreme UltraClear I finally saw great results. Will definitely be ordering more, and recommending it to friends.

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