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November 28, 2016 - Comment

If you are a runner or have friends and family that run, these massage balls for foot pain will be a welcome addition to your gear. These are great gifts for runners or anyone with Plantar Fasciitis and foot pain. It’s hard to get motivated when you are in pain when you walk, let alone

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If you are a runner or have friends and family that run, these massage balls for foot pain will be a welcome addition to your gear. These are great gifts for runners or anyone with Plantar Fasciitis and foot pain. It’s hard to get motivated when you are in pain when you walk, let alone run. When the old feet hurt everything else does too. This Massage ball set for the feet can ease the suffering. They are a simple, affordable and effective tool to stop swelling and throbbing by promoting increased blood circulation for people all shapes and sizes.

These Massage Balls are good for many areas of the body, not just feet.
The different sizes and surfaces allow you to hit all spots on your feet when they are sore but also for hands, back, neck, shoulders, gluts, legs etc.

Are you looking for relief from the pain associated with PLANTAR FASCIITIS, SCIATICA, FIBROMYALGIA?
Massage balls can help. Yes Indeed! Pressure on trigger points can break up fascia, loosen tight knots, cause increased circulation and muscle release to help with pain relief.

These balls are designed to be hard and firm so even with lots of pressure the surface doesn’t flex and cause less access. This fact allows them to trigger the pressure points which is where the pain lies.

Nope. The spikes are there for acupressure points to a specific area but level of pressure is controlled by individuals since all has varying levels of tolerance.

Everyone comes in many sizes. 3 sized balls means more versatility to fit a variety of needs and uses in one package!

Yes! These roller balls are an effective Reflexology tool and even including a Hand and Foot Chart

These wonderful massage balls come in their own bag to help keep them together and for ease of portability.
A bag helps keep the balls together when not in use rather than rummaging through a gym bag! The bag is also breathable and washable.

Yes! Some Diabetics suffer from poor circulation in hands and feet and using these massage balls can help boost circulation to increase comfort.

Yes! The spiky and smooth balls can be an effective tool or fidget used for Sensory Integration Therapy with children.

You get 3 balls, 1 bag and a User Guide which is emailed to you twice after purchase.

Product Features of The FlexFixx Massage Balls For Foot Pain  

These foot massage balls are a great gift for runners or anyone with foot pain. People come in all shapes and sizes so a combo set like this is ideal.  Different style of balls including, Spiky, porcupine and smooth with small 2.5 – 6cm, medium 3 – 7.5cm and large 3.5 – 9cm all in one – we’ve got you covered for any sized foot!

If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis pain you know that it can be crippling making even walking a painful experience. The market is full of expensive solutions but the FootFixx is affordable and a simple and effective way to provide increased blood circulation and flow. Compression Socks are another affordable way to increase circulation and improve health with the benefits of better blood flow.

Massage Balls for foot pain are RECOMMENDED by Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Podiatrists and Doctors and are an easy tool for their patients to use for prevention and treatment of chronic pain that’s better than a tennis ball!

EXTENDED ACTIVITY causes inflammation and discomfort in your feet. Reflexology, Acupressure and Trigger Point therapies help alleviate suffering. Use post workout to prevent injury. This set is a must for runners and those that suffer from foot pain.

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Michele Brouwer says:

Foot pain is gone! Please note that I purchased the FlexFixx set as a regular customer not as a promotion. Such an excellent product!! I have found great relief from using them! I had been having pain in the arch of my foot and could feel the tightness of the muscles/tendons. I use this set to release the tension in that area and follow by icing my foot and within a few days my foot has no pain and I am back to running again! The customer service from this company is outstanding. I received an email with explanation of how to use each of the balls in the set and a follow up email. My Physical Therapist doesn’t accept my health insurance so I saved a lot of money by doing my own therapy and am happily back to my exercise routine. Thank you so much FlexFixx! I noticed that there is a one star review of this product, please read the response by the company to this person which solved their issue which was only due to the person receiving this item as a gift and therefore they didn’t receive the…

Lou Rusconi says:

FOOT RELIEF! I have Left foot Plantar Faciitis, I hate taking meds and after a long day at work my foot is killing me. These balls from FootFixx have made aHUGE impact. I took the gray one to work and I use the other two at home. When I’m kicking back this is best time as it comes second nature. A really cool thing the company did was emailed me a PDF file with exercises, I thought this was really nice and above and beyond what other companies do. You need these!!

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