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 barkOutfitters Cat Slicker Brush: Cat brushes come in all shapes and sizes and it is important to get one that is comfortable for you to use. Groom your cat and give them a great cat massage while you are at it. Why not? The barkoutfitters cat slicker brush is an affordable, quick and self-cleaning pro

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 barkOutfitters Cat Slicker Brush:

Cat brushes come in all shapes and sizes and it is important to get one that is comfortable for you to use. Groom your cat and give them a great cat massage while you are at it. Why not? The barkoutfitters cat slicker brush is an affordable, quick and self-cleaning pro quality brush for your cat. Your cat will love it and so will you.

Sure, we all love our pets, but that fur all over the house and clothing has got to go. Be proactive and brush it away before it sheds and gets everywhere. Take a little time and keep your cat buddy all groomed and happy. The feel and contoured grip of this cat brush makes it pleasant for you and your pet. The soft grip allows you more hand control while you are brushing and your hand won’t get as tired while grooming. After a few gentle strokes you will be able to see all of the fur that will now not end up on your furniture and clothes. 

Traditional cat brushes have fixed pins that can become quickly clogged making your brush strokes not very useful and the pins are hard to keep clean. The barkOutfitters cat brush has a button to retract the pins. Just push the button to retract the pins and you can easily and quickly remove the excess fur. Your dog or cat will also be enjoying the experience. It’s a win-win for everyone. The ergonomic and soft handle is so comfortable on your hand that you will have no problem brushing your pet on a regular basis and that means your pet is less likely to develop hairballs and hard to groom areas.

pet groomer brush

Comfortable and easy to clean cat brush

Product Features for the barkOutfitters Cat Slicker Brush:

  • Don’t be embarrased any more by the messy and unsightly fur all over your floor, clothes and furniture.  This quality brush can reduce shedding By Up To 90% and also reduce allergic airborne elements! Compare that to 30% with a traditional brush or comb.
  • Improve your cats health. The gentle brush bristles can help to stimulate the skin, increase coat shine and promote a healthier circulation. A healthy topcoat looks great and makes your pet more comfortable day to day. The special bristles on this pet brush are comfortable for your dog or cat but firm enough to combat the toughest mats and tangles. This brushing massage allows air to your pet’s skin and will stimulate the release of healthy oils.
  • Great for your pet but also for you because it is a quality design with user comfort in mind. The soft and ergonomic grip will help to prevent hand and wrist strain on the user. Brush longer and clean up is easy with the one click fur-ejector.
  • ★ SUPPORT PET SHELTERS – When you buy this brush we donate $1 to no-kill shelters. Help us help the many abandoned animals waiting for someone to help. These donations help rescue animals from their abusers, provide need medical care, food, shelter and love.

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Anonymous says:

Fantastic! A brush that works and easy to remove hair from I have a part Maine Coon cat that sheds like you wouldn’t believe! You can brush this cat for an hour removing, as my daughter says, “Enough fur to knit another whole cat.” Then after an hour of brushing you can pat this cat and more fur flies up into the air!This brush had been a life saver for us. I love the fact that the metal tines of the brush are gentle on my cat’s skin. I ESPECIALLY LOVE the click to keep the tines retracted in the brush so they don’t get damaged if dropped, the click to extend the tines so you can brush the cat, BUT MOST OF ALL I LOVE the fact that while brushing when the tines are full of hair “one click” and every last hair falls away from the brush in a solid pile, letting me get right back to the business of brushing my cat. Oh and by the way, my cat loves the brush too so that alone would make my actual score for this product 10 stars.

Anonymous says:

Awesome!! This brush is absolutely amazing – and my cat LOVES it!! I was looking for something to keep kitty’s shedding down, particularly as we’re getting into warmer summer months, and thought I’d give this a try with all the good reviews. I didn’t try any other brush so can’t provide a comparison, but this one is great. It collects gobs of hair and is SUPER easy to clean with the retractable “bristles” – great design! Kitty was skeptical at first but now gets happy whenever I get the brush out, and will walk all around me and flop over and roll on the floor so I can brush everywhere. She gets a little carried away and starts nuzzling it sometimes when I’m trying to brush her (I’m afraid she’ll poke herself in the nose/eye/ear), but so far no issues. I’m not sure that brushing results in a huge reduction of shedding, as it still seems like there’s cat hair EVERYWHERE, but it’s got to help somewhat!

Anonymous says:

I like it, but my feral doesn’t I like it, but my feral doesn’t. BRAT CAT. He is a large black tom cat and although he is usually a big baby, he sees me coming with the brush and goes running. He is full of stickers, burrs and whatever sticks to him. About a day before the brush arrived, there was a HUGE chunk of his hair on the deck and I was scared for him. I have taken to a dull pair of sirrors and was only able to get one burr off of him. Of course the short-haired ones love it, but I bought it for BOO, THE BRAT CAT. I wish I had someone to help me out with him; it would be easier and quick. It is a nice brush and sure beats using one of my own person ones to do the job, but he doesn’t like those either.I wish I had this for my deceased ,black long-haired doxie. He at least would lay down and let me give his a short hair cut for the summer. He too was always covered with stickers, burrs, and etc.I only gave this a 4 star, due to his stubbornness, other wise it’s a 5 star for…

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