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September 9, 2019 - Comment

Get a dog robot toy to help your dog get through the day. Most of us are forced to leave our beloved pets alone when we go out……make it easier on Fido by getting him the Varram Pet Fitness Robot Package. This is a quality built interactive moving toy for your dog or cat. This

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Get a dog robot toy to help your dog get through the day. Most of us are forced to leave our beloved pets alone when we go out……make it easier on Fido by getting him the Varram Pet Fitness Robot Package. This is a quality built interactive moving toy for your dog or cat. This cool gadget will keep your dog entertained when you are home or when you go out. Just for starters, it is an automatic treat dispenser for pets……and so much more.

You can play manually via the App, schedule automatic drives, activity tracking and it’s also an interactive moving toy for your cat or dog.

Let us introduce you to this unique and revolutionary pet fitness robot. It’s a friendly robot to keep your pet healthy, happy and active all day while you are away. The patent-pending design uses artificial intelligence to stimulate all the senses in your pet which will keep them sharp and in great shape. Watch it zoom around the room controlled by your smartphone app. It will dispense the amount of treats you choose them to have controlled by the app. It is easy to clean and has an AI system allowing automatic obstacle avoidance with convenient scheduling.

This pet robot is compact and lightweight yet powerful. It is only one and a half pounds and is 6.5 x 5 inches so it doesn’t take up a lot of room.

The Varram pet fitness robot will become your dog’s best friend……only when you’re not there, of course. The high tech design has the ability to improve your pet’s fitness and health……and it dispenses treats as well. This robot is a win-win for you and your dog. Get Fido off the couch for some exercise even when you are not home.

This pet fitness robot has been featured on Yahoo! Finance and ABC, as well as many other platforms. it has been tested  on our dogs with great results and we hope your furry friend enjoys it also!

Product Features of the Varram Pet Robot Toy

  • The interactive movement and treat dispenser will make it easier to leave your pet home alone. It’s like a robot companion  that plays with your pet by zooming around the room while rewarding them with treats. No more stress and loneliness when you are gone.
  • The pet robot will encourage mental awareness and physical activity to keep your dog sharp and fit. You are able to to track your dog’s fitness statistics. For overweight cats or dogs, exercise is especially important because it will decrease their risk of developing weight-related disorders. When pets are healthy, they are not only happier, save time and money with fewer visits to the vet.
  • The pet fitness robot is durable and made to last. It is made of poly-carbonate material and is easy to clean.  This electronic dog toy has the ability to drive over a variety of indoor surfaces. This will allow your pet to enjoy the toy in different environments.
  • The robot is easy to control. When you use the mobile smartphone application, you can manage the play time, toss counts, sleep time, and much more! The app allows you to manually control the robot for direct play as well as with pre-set motions. It also has a built-in scheduling system that allows you to develop activities based on an analysis of your pet’s needs, environments and health conditions. Through its auto-play function, you can set up with schedules and create new experiences.
  •  The VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot application is available for both Apple and Android devices. Its AI automatic driving capability ensures optimal engagement with your pet and allows it to navigate different spaces. The patent-pending, revolutionary design allows the toy to sense different elements in its surroundings, your pet’s strengths and rewards your pet’s interactions.

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Anonymous says:

Died in couple hours I bought this after reading reviews it can take some abuse from big dogs and within couple hours my dog made this device useless and doesnt work and move, it is not durable and gave out quick, very sad and money wasted

Anonymous says:

What I’ve been looking for FOREVER I have a mini pig that I ordered this for. They need constant stimulation or else they can get destructive. It took less than five minutes to set up the app and robot and pop some treats into it. The second she realized that this thing spits out treats, she was HOOKED. She literally followed this thing all over the house for 45 minutes until it was time for bed, and instead of taking forever to fall asleep, she crashed hard for the first time in a while. You can set it up and schedule play time while you’re out of the house. It will turn on at the designated time and engage your pet for however long you choose, and you can also choose how many treats it dispenses. On the app, you can see stats for your pet (how long your pet engaged with it, how much she moved, etc). I have both hard floors and carpets in my house, and this thing was also able to handle both without issue. It also came with several accessories, including a second treat dispenser (there’s one for slightly larger…

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